Hi, I'm Jenny 

I am an Internal Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine doctor, wellness coach and fertility warrior.  I have learned through  my own experience with infertility what a significant impact our lifestyles have on our health.  I changed my diet, mindset and eliminated toxins and was able to get pregnant naturally.  I empower women to regain control of their health journey with plant forward nutrition, toxin elimination and stress reduction.  

My philosophy 

Lifestyle changes, including plant forward nutrition, toxin elimination and stress reduction can positively impact your health.  Making small steps towards your ultimate goals are the best way to create sustainable habits.  We will work together to break down your wellness goals into small actionable steps.

Knowing that she went through a process similar to the one I am in makes me listen to her more carefully, because she understands my frustration. Every piece of advice she gave me is full of great wisdom. I learned about things that I never thought would affect my health and that could be limiting me from getting pregnant, that surprised me a lot. She manages to give you a summary of all the foods and brands of healthy, tasty products.


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